Adding .liquid to DW Code View

I’ve been using Shopify a lot recently as an easy to use hosted e-commerce solution. They have a handy theme editor called Vision that lets you create your own custom theme on your desktop and then upload it to your Shopify account. It is pretty easy to use if you are familiar with markup and CSS. They also have their own markup language for their application, called Liquid with a helpful wiki.

The only problem I find is that when I’m editing the .liquid files in Dreamweaver in Code View, the color coding on the markup isn’t there… it’s just all black text. Enter this handy Adobe Tech Note to the rescue:

DW Extension: EnityConverter

Converting seven back issues of a magazine for online publication, I had to copy and paste the text from the designer’s PDFs into my HTML documents for formatting (Acrobat has “Export as HTML with CSS” but it was über-Frankenstein, creating more work than doing it by hand… export as txt is much better). Of course all of the special characters like em-dash, smart quotes, etc. had to be converted to HTML entites: — “ etc. Frustrated with the ongoing find and replace in Dreamweaver, Google found me this time-saving relic in the Adobe Exchange that will auto-convert everything to HTML entities in code view: