Back to the Dirty City

i moved back to brooklyn on monday. living in park slope w/ celeste. she is awesome. i am in love but somehow i haven’t told her that i love her yet. it is kind of strange to be back in park slope. this is the area i moved to when i first came to the city. also following a girl. i was walking through the old neighborhood yesterday and had the feeling that i came all the way full circle and am back at the beginning. this revolution will be better.

today’s menu

1 cup coffee
1 crumpet: butter, slice of tomatoe
1 sandwich: beef bologna, turkey breast, mayo, horseradish mustard, green leaf lettuce, multi-grain bread
1 cup mixed fruit: pineapple, strawberry, watermelon, honeydew, cantalope
1 glass orange juice
1 glass water
1 hamburger patty
1 glass orange juice
1 bottle beer
2 glasses wine

NYC Medics and Celeste and River

last night nick called to see if i could fix before CNN anderson cooper’s 360 piece on the org aired tonight. was up until 9am fixing layout, images, formatting. slept from 10am – 2pm. took a phone call from celeste while the piece was on air so i missed it.

saw the real estate lawyer about building the house today. got direction. have to get the ‘rents and the bank in the mix now to figure out direction and then regroup w/ the lawyer when we get it sussed out. ben and me sketched rough plans last night. he started the CAD drawings today. have to talk to jay to see how he got his permit for their remodel/addition.

celeste gets here in the morning. looking fw to seeing her. siesta key tomorrow afternoon. bbq in backyard tomorrow night. st. augustine friday. seeing david and julia’s kid river saturday in jax. celeste goes back to nyc on sunday. rachel’s bday on monday. jill’s bday on wednesday. busy busy.

3 beers, white russian, 10mg valium.