Humans don’t know what they care about

If you hand over the management of your civilization to machines, you then lose the incentive to understand it yourself or to teach the next generation. […] Up until now, we put a lot of our civilization into books. But the books can’t run it for us. So we always have to teach the next generation. If you work it out, it’s about a trillion person years of teaching and learning in an unbroken chain that goes back tens of thousands of generations. What happens if that chain breaks?

Stuart J. Russell

Myopic Mania

Over one hundred years of intellectual discipline in the mathematical, chemical, and physical sciences culminates in this amazing device I hold in my hand; empowering me to instantly tweet across oceans and continents that viruses and vaccines are a hoax.


  • the realization of potential.
  • the supposed vital principle that guides the development and functioning of an organism or other system or organization.
  • the soul.

Invisible Fines

I can’t come in to
work today because my heart
is being broken.

You will never have to be afraid again.
You will never have to be ashamed again.
You will never have to be anything you don’t want to be if you’ll be with me

Because I love you.

Palms Shy Bay

Calm heights in flights,
spring rolls and soundtracks swift.
I’m mesmerized.
You chose to give me,
bravely innocent and unexpected.
I touch your face.
You requite.
This is perfect now.