My Phone Speaks French

Recently got the myTouch G3 phone with Android OS by Google. It is a lot of fun. I got it to speak French. There is an application that you can get from the Market called Rings Extended. It is free to download and install. Rings Extended allows you to assign ringtones from all of the audio files on the phone, not just the default Android ringtones.

Next, I went to Yahoo! Babel Fish since I can’t actually speak French myself. It traslates as best as it can from one language to another. Translate phrases like “incoming telephone call” to “appel téléphonique entrant”, etc. Copy the French phrase from Babel Fish and go over to AT&T’s speech-to-text demo page (see the links below). You can paste the text in and select to have it spoken in French by the Juliette voice and it will create a .wav audio file for you to download.

From here it gets pretty obvious… USB or Bluetooth your phone to your computer, copy the files over and then choose the ringtones for your different applications.

Now my phone sounds sexy and everyone thinks I’m super-cool when I get a call or (nerd) alert….


Android OS by Google
Yahoo! Babel Fish
AT&T’s Text-to-Speech Demo

Random Disorder with Glasses

My glasses where could they be?
My glasses parted my face without me?
I search the loss of origins very high and barely low
My glasses then can allow me show
I struggle for structure here
In this simple soliloquy and prose
But where are my fucking glasses?
O hey, wait… they were on the fucking stove
Seriously, what the fuck?