Synecdoche, New York

Guess we must be living in a cave because the first I heard that Charlie Kaufman wrote and directed a new film was when I saw the trailer for it at the beginning of another DVD a few nights ago. How did that happen? Did it go straight to DVD? Our favorite oscar winning writer (2005 original screenplay, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) does a movie that flies under our radar? Turns out it had only limited theatrical release and apparently limited marketing as well. Guess that’s how it goes when you don’t live in NYC anymore.  :(

The movie was another of Kaufman’s amazing works of genius in our opinion. Being a fan of surrealism, we loved that the movie takes place in a dream-reality. Here is the trailer…


Cormorants in the Back Yard

Standing on the back patio, waiting for the sun to come out. Hopefully the overcast will burn off in a couple hours and I’ll be able to ride to the beach today. What are those swimming birds that hang out on the pilings with the pelicans? They do not really dive for fish from the air the same way the pelicans do. They swim around and disappear underwater for minutes at a time. They perch on the decaying pilings and spread their wings and push out their chests like they just won something important. Oh no, wait…. they are drying their wings off. Let’s run some Google searches and some Wikipedia look-ups and discover that they are double-crested cormorants…

The cormorant has been used for centuries for fishing. Trained cormorants hang out with the fisherman and his boat and do their thing, swimming for fish. There is a snare tied around the cormorants’ necks that keep them from swallowing the big fish. It can eat all the little fish it wants but when it gets a big fish stuck in it’s throat, it comes to the fisherman to take the fish out.




A new Java-based application for mixing audio tracks right in your web browser has just launched. MixBlendr is open source and available for download to use on your own website. Right now they have a contest running until April 9, 2009 for best mix of the tracks they posted on their site.

Check it out: