today’s menu

1 cup coffee
1 crumpet: butter, slice of tomatoe
1 sandwich: beef bologna, turkey breast, mayo, horseradish mustard, green leaf lettuce, multi-grain bread
1 cup mixed fruit: pineapple, strawberry, watermelon, honeydew, cantalope
1 glass orange juice
1 glass water
1 hamburger patty
1 glass orange juice
1 bottle beer
2 glasses wine

check one library card

got my library card. tried to send a pic of the library from my phone to my blog. did not work. have to figure out what i did wrong. i checked out a book from the library titled “prefab”. as the title indicates, it’s about prefabricated housing. i haven’t read it yet. 20 mile bike ride, one bottle of wine, three beers, two whiskey sours got me feeling a little dehydrated this morning.

bicycle to the library

heading to the library today to get a library card. they have wifi at the library downtown but i need to get back in time to ride the ramp before we head to lindsey’s tonight. so i’m not gonna bring my laptop today. also i worked a lot the last 2 days so i’m gonna play hookie today. opened up this blogger account b/c i saw that they have mobile posts. trying to do some dev research on mobile posting b/c of a client that wanted it. now i see that they have everything he asked for on blogger. so i am checking it out. got a lot of other stuff going on now tho so i may not get to this until other things cool down. seems like the work never ends and there’s always more shit to do or something else to take care of. but then i’m not sure what i would do if i couldn’t stay busy non-stop. then i might start asking questions. i don’t want to start doing that again. the questions drive me crazy.