Perception Purity

There are countless creations to create and recreate and combine and discover. We create to become attached to this world we live in. By creating ideas, crafts, tools, dreams, relationships, solutions, and visions we find our potential. Freedom follows knowledge. Maintaining personal lies denies our capacity to be completely free. Maintaining social and political lies is an extra layer of deception that denies finding even our personal lies. Proliferating a lie of any scale or strata interferes with our connection to creation and our connection to all of those created before us.

How High 2014

Apples: Why would I be into lacrosse?! How high are you right now? 9:42 PM
Oranges: OMG I’m so high that I thought for a second that you were into lacrosse 9:47 PM
Oranges: Did I tell you about the dream I had about the guillotine? 9:50 PM
Oranges: That’s how high I am 9:50 PM
Oranges: I’m so high, I’m teaching birds how to fly 9:51 PM
Oranges: OK I’ll stop now 9:51 PM
Oranges: How high are you? 9:55 PM
Apples: Omg 9:56 PM

The White Queen

I saw you there again
in this night grim and gentle
You guide me through your courts
of jesters and fears
Supplication before your throne
to gaze upon your face
It is not enough
or it is too much
This palace suffocates inside your beauty
as part of silent castles crumble

Monday May

Sometimes it’s distance or worse.
And I don’t know how to make that better.
Sometimes we could stick together;
One time sick together.
But all those things
That you don’t know
They know you.