You’re not as old as the trees
Not as young as the leaves
You’re not as free as the breeze
Not as open as the seas
And your heart hasn’t found a home
Endlessly it seems to roam
But one day you will find inexhaustable ecstacy
And you will see…

That you’re beautiful and always have been
And everybody else can see
The love that you’ve been looking for
Is right there inside your door

Little Miss Divinity,
You’re the one that you’ve been looking for
Little Miss Divinity,
Won’t you lay your love on thee

And if you need a friend, I’ll be sailing right by your side
And if you need a lover, you must leave it all behind
And if you need direction, no one can be seen unkind
So listen closely my love, you have time
You’re doing fine

Future Sound of London: The Isness – Divinity