Say The Word

If all the world were innocent and true.
One flag unfurled, a belief in all we do.
Wrong your rights, a change from what you are.
Refracting light, a billion tiny scars.

Fall apart, it comes as no surprise.
Fail to chart, a gauntlet of goodbyes.
Hold the line. But if you feel the need
Just say the word.


Bleed your life, your innocence will do.
Read your rights, believe in something true.
There’ve been times when you don’t even know.
Ignore the signs pointing where you’ll go.
Why you came doesn’t matter anymore.
Just say the word.


Breathe — defecting from the ranks.
Free — elude the armored tanks and break away.

On your mark with reasons not to start.
On your guard with terror in your heart.


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