Eighty Percent Water

Kirik: Notice that being next to the ocean or the river always makes people relaxed? People come to the water for holiday.

Travis: Yea, water is tranquil. I think it’s the sound of the flowing water and the crashing waves.

Kirik: But also even a pond when there is no movement of the water… I think it’s because we are made of water.

Travis: Oh, I see: we belong to the water.

Our Love Survives

Our love is true.
It’s why we fight.
What we defend.
And though our love is new and still beginning
It will be the end.
The world we knew, washed away.
The life we led, led us astray.
Now we face our greatest foe.
But we fear not, for we know:

Our love survives.

It will never die.
It will outlive the earth, the sun, and the sky.
Our love destroys anything in our way.
From the cities we burned, to the fools we betray.
Our love survives, it will always be.
No matter if we die or we live eternally.

The Thermals

Death of Deity, Birth of God

  • Love unites and promotes humanity. This is a universal truth put forth by all the prophets, even the Deceived.
  • The universe is God. Your environment is God. You are God. Acquiring knowledge and understanding about your universe, your environment, yourself—these bring you closer to God.
  • There is no deity, there is no man-god. God is an experience, not a deity. Every moment of your experience is eternal: you are with God always.
  • There is no afterlife. Belief in afterlife is immoral and is perpetuated by the Deceived. It encourages disassociation from your life now and your environment now; disassociation from the true God.
  • Life is violent, death is inevitable. You must accept it and never fear it. Violence and death create change. Change is the only constant.
  • Fight against your darkness. Every being is brought into the world as an animal: this is darkness. Finding the light is learned. Seek to expel the darkness by bringing knowledge into the world. Practice discipline and self-awareness to overcome your animal nature. Do not neglect or deny your animal nature. Know it thoroughly so that you may conquer it completely and not be led by it. Find the light and perceive the light. Go into the light. Good things will happen.