I thought I saw my old friend Matt Johnson while I was in Mexico. There was a wedding there at the resort that Celeste and me were staying at in Los Cabos. It looked like he was there with a wedding party that had just arrived that day? It looked just like him and sounded just like him. He was talking to a man and woman who where about 10 years older than him… old enough to be his oldest brother or sister. I didn’t have my glasses on so I couldn’t be sure it was him. I got close enough to hear him say “Yea, he’s been dead for a long time.” I got closer and saw him laugh an unfamiliar laugh that I had never known Matt to have… theatrical and somewhat forced, with head thrown back for dramatic effect. From that, I assumed it wasn’t him. But then afterwards I got to thinking that I have cultivated a laugh over the years that I didn’t have 9 years ago. People can and do change their habits, as difficult as it may be. I really wish I would have had the nerve to ask him who he was. The last time I saw Matt before this was in Brooklyn in 1997.