• the realization of potential.
  • the supposed vital principle that guides the development and functioning of an organism or other system or organization.
  • the soul.

Palms Shy Bay

Calm heights in flights,
spring rolls and soundtracks swift.
I’m mesmerized.
You chose to give me,
bravely innocent and unexpected.
I touch your face.
You requite.
This is perfect now.

Sarah Mar

It was something small. I didn’t think you noticed until you saw it in my dream. And then you tried to place it; where it was, why it became my thoughts with you.

Bern Dimly

You know I don’t speak.
I was scared for a long time
And never knew what to say
And kept my head down
And worked harder for your respect.

I never knew what to say
Until I decided
You don’t need to know me
And I don’t need your respect.
And now you’re afraid of me.
Because you know I don’t speak.

Perception Purity

There are countless creations to create and recreate and combine and discover. We create to become attached to this world we live in. By creating ideas, crafts, tools, dreams, relationships, solutions, and visions we find our potential. Freedom follows knowledge. Maintaining personal lies denies our capacity to be completely free. Maintaining social and political lies is an extra layer of deception that denies finding even our personal lies. Proliferating a lie of any scale or strata interferes with our connection to creation and our connection to all of those created before us.