White Whale

Upon returning to the office from lunch…

Architect: Hey-oh!

Ninjaneer: What’s up, Captain A-hole!

Architect: …

Ninjaneer: I shouldn’t have said that.

Architect: …

Ninjaneer: You’re more like a commodore.

Architect: …

Ninjaneer: How was lunch?

Architect: Good!

Ninjaneer: Oh baby seal club sandwich again, eh?

Architect: 😂


  • the realization of potential.
  • the supposed vital principle that guides the development and functioning of an organism or other system or organization.
  • the soul.

Palms Shy Bay

Calm heights in flights,
spring rolls and soundtracks swift.
I’m mesmerized.
You chose to give me,
bravely innocent and unexpected.
I touch your face.
You requite.
This is perfect now.

Sarah Mar

It was something small. I didn’t think you noticed until you saw it in my dream. And then you tried to place it; where it was, why it became my thoughts with you.

Bern Dimly

You know I don’t speak.
I was scared for a long time
And never knew what to say
And kept my head down
And worked harder for your respect.

I never knew what to say
Until I decided
You don’t need to know me
And I don’t need your respect.
And now you’re afraid of me.
Because you know I don’t speak.